Founded in July of 2018


Resources are being wasted...


After several years of research, development and networking, SGN was founded as a faith based 501 © 3 public charity in July of 2018 and has already sponsored over 100 young people in volunteer activities. In 2019, through varied sporting activities, Sow Good Now has a goal of engaging 300 young philanthropists in many program areas. We coordinate volleyball, football and swimming clinics throughout the year, as well as partner with teams to organize giving opportunities and provide a platform for philanthropic education. 

Sow Good Now utilizes the expansive infrastructure of organized sporting events to “jumpstart” the philanthropic learning curve by teaching youth about the importance and impact of giving. Just as learning a sport takes time, practice and good coaching – developing a philanthropic conscience and giving effectively develops much the same way. 

How we work.........

 Collaboration and how we work:

  1. We recruit  high performing athletes to present at events and engage elementary  students in ways they give back and why giving back is important.  
  2. We create opportunities for grade school and high school sports teams to share their  time, talents and treasures with area nonprofits and give them hands on support and additional funding. 
  3. We align private donors with a sports team and the players research non-profit organizations to help donors direct their giving.
  4. We raise  funds to buy sporting and safety equipment for underserved teams.
  5. We work  with community foundations and financial service industry professionals to      increase awareness on philanthropic giving.